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Thank you for supporting the Saskatchewan Science Centre's efforts to inspire curiosity and innovation in children and youth across the province. With your help we are building a healthy future for young people in Saskatchewan.

As a non-profit organization we rely on the generosity of individuals like you to provide innovative and engaging learning opportunities in Saskatchewan. Give a gift of science today!

The Saskatchewan Science Centre is a non-profit organization. Our charitable registration number is 10795 6310 RR0001.


Go! Code Online

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Learn coding through online workshops with our Go!Code Outreach team! Sign up for our morning session and you're automatically enrolled in a bonus session in the afternoon!

Curious Circuits

Curious Circuits will be an electrifying experience as campers discover different kinds of electricity, and put that knowledge into action creating circuits of their own out of household items such as cardboard, playdough, foil and more.

Mechanical Motion

Mechanical Motion will inspire campers as they explore the miracles of simple machines, make friends with friction, and manufacture their very own model elevator, scribble and tall bots, and marble roller coaster.

Sizzling Solar

Sizzling Solar will get campers energized by learning how to harness the power of the Sun as they design their own working solar oven, experiment with UV light, and explore the impact of the Sun on the ecosystems around them. 


Super Structures

Super Structures will excite the engineer in campers as they learn the foundations of building superior structures that can withstand an earthquake, stand the tallest, and span the furthest. Their hands will be busy designing their own shake table, various structures, creating a waterslide, and constructing a cookie cabin.

Aerial Fun Combo

*Free home delivery next business day! (M-F, Regina only)

Snapping, bouncing, launching, and sailing things into the air. Discover how these toys fly and bounce around!


African Animals Combo

*Free home delivery next business day! (M-F, Regina only)

Playing with these cuddly stuffed animals is wildly fun! They are ideal companions for both bedtime and playtime.

Andrea Beaty Book Combo

*Free home delivery next business day! (M-F, Regina only)

Titles in the combo are: Ada Twist Scientist, Rosie Revere Engineer, Iggy Peck Architect. Ada Twist, Iggy Peck and Rosie Revere have earned their places among the most beloved children's characters and have inspired countless kids and adults to follow their passions.


At Home Experiments

*Free home delivery next business day! (M-F, Regina only)

Do some hands on learning at home with everything you need to do three classic at home experiments!

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